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We founded Capital Financial Institution In 1998 with the belief that expert advisory services tailored to the needs and realities of public financial institutions and funds have a critical role to play in advancing their work as catalysts for development, trade and economic growth.

We have deep expertise in providing advisory support for international development finance, from diagnostic analysis through to development impact tracking and strategic implementation. Over the past 18 years, we have successfully executed more than 200 assignments in over 50 countries. Based on this expertise, we have developed specialized approaches and proprietary tools that help us to uncover the genesis of problems and to recommend solutions that are both visionary and practical.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Capital Financial Institution is to enhance the capacity and performance of development finance institutions and funds around the world. Through the provision of a wide range of advisory services tailored to the needs of our clients, we assist organizations with public mandates to promote economic opportunity and growth within their regions and countries.

Our senior team has extensive experience working with national, bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations around the world on a wide range of issues and challenges. We work with client organizations on institutional development and the implementation of best practices, as well as benchmarking and evaluations of organizational or program performance. We utilize customized research and proprietary analytical tools to map market needs and dynamics, and identify the gaps in access to finance and risk capital that our clients can fill. And we draw on deep expertise, and decades of hands-on experience, to develop catalytic products and programs.

Our Value

At Capital Financial Institution, we are guided by our mission to build the capacity and performance of development finance institutions and funds around the world.


We are ethical and principled in our work. We bring this value to every client we serve and to all that we do.


We enable each client, project, partner, and employee to realize their true full potential based on their unique values and priorities.


We are global experts in our lines of business and we continuously learn and adapt to our client’s environment.